The principle of this indicator is to monitor the rising temperatures, by taking under consideration the accumulation of the exceeded time.
The organization CEMAFROID tested the GIOVATEMP system and stated that it is consistent with the standard characteristics.

Security: Any break in the cold chain is indicated immediately and irreversibly.
Unforgeable (can be identified by a serial number).
Reliability: Fool proof
Accurate (+/- 0.25 ° C)
Moisture protected (IP68).
Traceability: Trace the product throughout its transport (train, boat, plane, etc.)
Ability to preserve evidence at the end of its duty cycle (HACCP Approach)
Its serial number can be used in convergence with RFID systems.
Environmentally friendly & Recyclable: Contains no heavy materials.
Economical: Low-cost Temperature control.
Operating autonomy.
Comfort: Easy to use.
Fast reading.
Requires no storage constraints.
Can be activated: storage at room temperature.
Can be easily sent to you because it does not require any special storage conditions.
In order to make inviolable the cold chain control process, the indicator can be completed with numerous security seals, which will make impossible the replacement of the spy process by another GIOVATEMP.
Ability to preserve evidence at the end of its activity cycle (HACCP Method).
The serial number can be used in convergence with RFID systems (radio Frequency Identification).
Traceability of the product.
Proof of usage: cut with a pair of scissors.

On delivery, you can cutt it off with a pair of scissors, this way GIOVATEMP turns into a real evidence that can be used in quality controls.
Indicateur de chaleur


References Designs Triggering Temperature Dimensions
N17 Giovatemp -17°C If temperature > -17°C 89x33x7 mm
N13-14 Giovatemp -13/-14°C If temperature > -13/-14°C
P2-3 Giovatemp 2/3°C If temperature > 2/3°C
P4 Giovatemp 4°C If temperature > 4°C
P5-6 Giovatemp 5/6°C If temperature > 5/6°C
P8 Giovatemp 8°C If temperature > 8°C
P11-12 Giovatemp 11/12°C If temperature > 11/12°C
P19-20 Giovatemp 19/20°C If temperature > 19/20°C
P25 Giovatemp 25°C If temperature > 25°C
P30 Giovatemp 30°C If temperature >  30°C
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